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Another 60.000 km’s ’01 E39 M5

Another 60.000 km’s ’01 E39 M5 / View Project Details

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One year of professional Supersalooning { 0 }

It’s been a while since I posted but that is not because nothing has been going on. Instead I have been very busy with my company RAP Media Narrowcasting which is quite successful in offering full-service narrowcasting to customers in petrol and automotive branches. Although I have been busy with RAP a lot of M-cars, S-models […]

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Oh no, Audi’s in my stable? { 0 }

Yes, I couldn’t resist! The B5 RS4 is a favorite of mine for ages now so that one will have to come in my stable eventually but now I have bought two different cars: a 2000 S6 Avant 4.2 V8 with only 68.000 km and a 2006 S6 Avant 5.2 V10…. Yes, a V10!!  More […]

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Again 2 fine E39 M5’s on their way { 0 }

I recently purchased two very fine E39 M5’s, one in Germany that started its life in Switzerland and has 130.000 km’s on the odo, and one in Switzerland that has done only 100.000 km in its 15 year old life. Both are black with beige leather interior and both come with a full service history […]

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More M5’s to come ! { 0 }

I never thought I would become a fan of the E39 M5 but this ‘Hammer’ is crawling upwards on my list of favorites. After I sold the last one I saw a few others for sale that triggered my M spot… First of all an early model in green / black  got my attention. It is […]

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M3 E46 with 42.000 km on its way to Holland { 0 }

Since the E39 M5’s have been sold so quick I have space for a nice E46 M3 again. I came across a really nice first owner example with only 42.000 km. With a carbonblack jacket and half leather interior it looks like the real deal! My guess is the car arrives the first week of […]

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Two new E39 M5’s with very low mileage are on their way! { 0 }

I think I got the hang of it (E39 M5’s….) because I recently bought two E39 M5’s, a ’99 and a ’01 model, both with Silverstone leather interior and both with low mileages. The pre-facelift comes in Carbon black and almost has got the full package. The first owner only drove 79.000 km in 15 […]

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Again a very nice E39 M5 { 0 }

In my previous posts you can read that I hesitated a while to buy my first E39 M5. The 63.000 km Silver one was the first. But since I bought the facelift Carbon black with 66.000 km and the facelift Le Mans blue M5 with 37.000 km I also bought a beautiful pre-facelift ’99 M5 […]

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In a few days: Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo Touring Allrad Switchtronic with 71.000 km! { 0 }

I couldn’t resist. On offer was an immaculate ’09 facelift model Alpina B3 Bi-Turbo Touring Allrad Switchtronic with only 71.000 km from the first female owner. Normally I am not that into ‘new’ cars but this undercover supersaloon with 361 HP, 500 Nm and a topspeed of 280 km/h is just a cool car and […]

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Supersaloons is official now! { 4 }

Since I change my cars very frequently I decided it was time to do things a bit more official from now on. Next to my main business RAP Media BV, a major player in narowcasting in the Benelux, I am an official Supersaloons trader since march of this year. Really nothing much changes except for […]

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Expected, E36 M3 3.0 in Dakargelb { 4 }

I never really fancied an E36 M3 3.0. I thought it was more or less a beefed up 325i. But sometimes one can be mistaken. And in this case I just couldn’t resist buying a truly immaculate example in the one and only introduction color: Dakargelb. The 2 Italian owners drove in it’s 17-year old […]

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Barnfind Alpina E34 B10 Touring! { 1 }

Apparently it is still possible to find unique Alpina’s in the Netherlands. I regularly check websites such as Autoscout24 and Mobile but always the foreign ones. On the Dutch website hardly any interesting cars appear for sale. Not about two months ago. Suddenly a very poor ad draw my attention. It only indicated that an […]

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Another supersaloon is on its way! { 1 }

The E39 M5 has found a new home. I must say probably the best home it could ever find because the new enthusiastic owner is a real petrolhead and a huge fan of this car for which he had looked out for years. Now I have finally driven the magnificent M5 V8 I can only […]

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New wintertoy (or must I say a new familycar…) { 0 }

It took me a while to get an other car but the delay had everything to do with the total renovation of our house. About 4 months ago we got the frontdoorkeys from the second owner since 1926 of this lovely little house and now our cottage is almost like we want it to be. […]

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The dreamhouse with garage! { 0 }

Finally my girl and I agreed upon a house we both like and which satisfies both our requirements: a detached house with thatched roof, a big garden and a garage for 4 cars! Offcourse it needs a lot of attention because the current owner lives there for more then 55 years and she hasn’t done […]

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New project! { 3 }

Since I am the proud father of a babygirl (Lieve) priorities are changing. The Z4 M is out of the collection and I still haven’t got myself a new racer. Instead I am looking for a Touring that will fit the needs. Like integrated childseats in the back. Or a retractable bootfloor for easily packing of all the stuff […]

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Sightseeing Southern England { 0 }

Since the baby is due to arrive in a couple of weeks this summervacation was the last with only the two of us. Therefor we decided to take the Roadster and enjoy the English countryside for two weeks. We didn’t make any plans nor any reservation so each night we had to find a new […]

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Le Mans 2010 { 0 }

After driving the M Roadster for 4 months now I can only say it is a marvelous masterpiece of engineering. I added about km’s (now a little over 18.000 km) but it was worth it! The first big trip lead me and my brother to Le Mans to loose our 24 Houres virginity. Two of […]

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Driving the Red Naga Cilli Pepper… { 1 }

Today at the end of the afternoon the weather was very nice so I took the Z4 M out of the garage. Driving with the tip of my toe for 15 minutes to warm the fluids and then hit the throttle; this M product is one fabulously fast and thrilling car! With the top down […]

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Roadsters and babies, bad combination… { 2 }

Wow, I finally have a (almost) new Z4 M Roadster in the beautiful combination Black / Imolared! The car is absolutely perfect, new in every way. The first owner drove only as little as 11.150 km in it in little over more than 3 years. Not very suprising since he had more than one (7) […]

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