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Alpina B10 V8s Touring #009

Alpina B10 V8s Touring #009

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It took me almost a year before I bought my third Alpina. And I never had the intention of buying an E39! But here it is and believe me, this is one fabulous car! If you have ever heard of the nickname ‘Der Hammer’ for the 500E then I can tell you it is the right nickname for the wrong car, boy, what does this Alpina hammer when hitting the throttle. The 4.8 V8 revs easilly and the output of 375 HP and 510 Nm makes it a superfast supersaloon (-touring).

The car came from its third German owner (original Fahrzeugbrief) and only drove as little as 101.000 km in its seven years young life. Buchloe delivered the car to its first owner in May 2002 after producing 8 other B10 V8s’s, so this example is production number 009. The car came in Alpina Blau Metallic II, full black leather, 16:9 Navi and all the other extra options. What I especially like are the lack of roofrails (I think those ruin the outlining of the car) and the hochglanz Shadowline. Ofcourse the previous owners were absolute fanatics (like me) so untill now I haven’t found any dent or scratch, absolutely no new paint (there are several very tiny stonechips) and the interior, enginebay and 19″ rims are in a new condition. The original Alpina leather map contains all the books and some invoices. The original key set and the remote control of the ‘Standheizung’ make the car complete. I am a very happy man!

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