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Alpina B8 Touring #021

Alpina B8 Touring #021

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Again I was in the opportunity to buy a car that’s been sitting on my list for quite a while: a very nice, one of only 27 made, B8 Touring. The car that, together with the B10 Bi-Turbo, made Alpina famous as a manufacturer of highly competitive and almost outrageous cars. The B8 is truly something special with it’s big 4.6 V8, a 6-speed Getrag gearbox and a LSD in the rear axle. If you’re a bit of a fan you should know about the specifications of the B8 so I won’t dwell on about it. It drives like a hotrod. Perhaps the definition ‘an E39 M5 in an E36 body’ is best applied here!

I bought the car from the second British owner who took care of it for more then 11 years. In his ownership he replaced the head gaskets, a well known precaution, the clutch and flywheel, the cooling system and a lot of other things. A very thick map proves the costs of ownership this B8 desired. I must say that the guy was a real enthusiastic driver who used the Alpina almost every week. Technically he spoiled the B8 with bits and pieces needed to maintain a high level of driveability. But cosmetically the car only received the necessary. He just wasn’t in to washing. The car shows it’s age and mileage (now 171.000 km) but that makes it a very honest car and I believe one of the best out there. I just washed and waxed the car, cleaned and treated the Buffalo leather and it looks really nice now!

This B8 left Buchloe with every available option except for electric windows in the back. Probably the best option the first owner ticked on the optionlist was the black Buffalo leather interior with electric adjusted and heated seats!DSC_0007IMG_0107