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BMW M5 Touring 116.000 km

BMW M5 Touring 116.000 km

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A year after I sold my first BMW M5 Touring, it started itching: I wanted an M5 Touring again.

In Germany I found this lovely Granitsilver Touring from 1993. The two previous owners had only driven 116.000 km in 16 years! The car came with the full package: twin sunroof, electric adjustable steering colom, electric and heated seats, automatic airconditioning, shadowline, black extended Nappa leather, original BMW Bavaria radio etc. The fully stamped servicebook, invoices and the original key set were available, ofcourse.M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-1M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-2M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-3M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-4M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-5M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-6M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-7M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-8M5-Touring-116k km-portfolio-9