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BMW Z4 M Roadster 11.450 km

BMW Z4 M Roadster 11.450 km

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If you have read my previous posts you’ll know I am a big fan of the 3.2 straight six M-engine. Well, the M3 (with CSL Competition package) never arrived in my stable. Instead I bought the engine packed in a Roadster body, the Z4 M. With the summer ahead of us and an already excellent spring this car is just the car for me at the moment. With less weight then the E46 M3 and no complicated¬†electronic fuzz it is an absolute madman. Throttle respons with the ¬†‘sportbutton’ activated is extreme, the engine just wants to rev! Although the car is a bit wobly due to the stiff suspension I really like the loose end which is really easy to slide but also really easy to control. Even my girlfriend likes this car! I bought it from the first German owner who has only done 11.000 kms with it in 3 years. He had 7 other cars and was fast becoming 60-years of age so this very sporty car had to go in favor of a nice SL automatic… Since he was a German he orderd every possible option except for the cruisecontrol. He also had the car serviced before I bought it and even handwashed it himself!

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