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Drive by wire { 2 }

Cars today are in mho overengineered and overpowered fat bastards. It was in the late nineties that carmakers thought that adding ever more safety, more luxury and more useless marketing dictated crap was what was getting them the competitive advantage they needed in an ever more competitive world. Before that time they build their cars with steel gascables and, if very progressive like BMW, maybe with electronic adjustable dampers. But that was all. The supersaloons of that era had a clean design with 17 inch alloys max and a six or 8 cilinder engine under the hood. Airbags were limited to 2 and the luxurity came from electric adjustable seats, a full leather interior, electric windows, sunroof, automatic airconditioning and a remote controlled central locking. Power? More than 200 horses under the throttle made you an instant hero in your neighbourhood. More than 300+ in your supersaloon was nuts, that kind of power was only given to supercars.

Why do I need a pc-mouse and an LCD-flatscreen for adjusting my ride to the circumstances faced ahead? In 10-fold? And why do I need 600+ horsepower and 8 gears to catapult me to a limited 250 km/h?  A speed that Juergen in his all red lettered tdi white van can reach (almost). The supersaloons and supertourings of today can compete with cars that find themselves in the supercar-league. In fact, they even share the same engines!

To me this race to ever more power and electronic ‘who needs ‘m?’ gadgets feels as a race of the dinosaurs. The’re growing and becoming more heavier each year just to tell the world that it isn’t as much fun without them, that they cannot be ignored, that they are the greatest and that we need them! But we all know the real dinosaurs extinct because they didn’t fit anymore, they in fact killed themselves and left the world wonder, millions years later. Will history repeat itself, as far as the car world is concerned? Will future generations look back and wonder what the hell was going on in the beginning of this second millenium? I wonder, already now I do.

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