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Driving the Red Naga Cilli Pepper… { 1 }

Today at the end of the afternoon the weather was very nice so I took the Z4 M out of the garage. Driving with the tip of my toe for 15 minutes to warm the fluids and then hit the throttle; this M product is one fabulously fast and thrilling car! With the top down I had a wonderful blast of about an hour or so untill the traffic jammed too much because of the easter holiday that was about to start. Besides the enormous acceleration the Z4 M Roadster has got the stopping power of Porsche! I never drove a car before that can make the stomach ache like this one; very, very nice! Once I got home I tried to find some more roadtests on the internet and stumbled upon this clip: it’s the Top Gear version of my afternoon drive. If you haven’t driven an M Roadster before and want to know if this car is maybe your next funtoy (and you find my writing boring), click here

Oh, if you wonder why the car still isn’t on the blog with pictures, I will try to make nice ones this weekend!

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