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E34 B10 4.6 V8 Touring { 2 }

I just shared my intention with you about purchasing my first E46 M3 and now there’s a car on the market that is unique in the way that Alpina produced it only 4 times: E34 B10 4.6 V8 Touring with manual 6-speed transmission! The car is in a way similar to my current M5 Evo but Alpina fitted a torque, bored up and extensively tuned V8 out of the E34 540i instead of the racey strait six. The output is the same, 340 prancing horses, and it’s got the same gearbox but the engine is pulling a lot harder due to the torque of 480 Nm.

At first Alpina introduced the B10 V8 with a slightly modified 4.0 V8, producing 315 Hp, in April 1993. Although the 4.0 was a fast but comfortable saloon it could not fill the gap Alpina created when they took the worldfamous Biturbo out of production early 1994. Therefore it was soon overshadowed by a stronger brother which was fitted with the 4.6. Besides a 6-speed manual gearbox Alpina also introduced the car with an automatic 5-speed gearbox from ZF that could also be shifted wth the novelty ‘Switch-tronic’ (not to be confused with Shift-tronic). More interesting is the fact that Alpina decided to produce the B10 V8 not only as a saloon but also in a Touring version! And this one was only produced 19 times of which only 4 times with the manual! And one of them is for sale and it only drove a little over 100.000 km!

So, there’s something for me to think about. Feel free to share your thoughts with me but be quick, an Alpina like this is not going to be on the market for a long time!

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