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E39 M5 with 63.000 km

E39 M5 with 63.000 km

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I finally decided to buy the big and bulky E39 M5. Ofcourse it had to be a facelift model with a low mileage. After seeing several examples in Holland and Germany I found this one in Venice, Italy. Since my little brother is into Highend Audio (see his website and had a meeting planned on the small Island Certosa with the infamous Mark Levinson, we could combine our trips. After a relaxing flight of only one hour and twenty minutes we arrived at a cloudy but warm Venice. Our first stop was at the dealer to check out the M5. My expectations were high but the M5 didn’t let me down. In silver metallic with the extended Nappa leather interior it looked amazing, almost like new! After a 20 minutes test-drive I decided to take it home. Our next stop was a small prosecco family business where we both bought a case of white wine and prosecco. Then we went on our way to the underground parking near Venice airport where we parked the M5 and took the water taxi to Certosa… The next day the BMW took us home in a very fast but also very comfortable ride. I earlier wrote about my previous B10 V8s Touring that it is such a true hammer, now I know that the E39 M5 can match the Alpina V8!

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