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Le Mans 2010 { 0 }

After driving the M Roadster for 4 months now I can only say it is a marvelous masterpiece of engineering. I added about km’s (now a little over 18.000 km) but it was worth it! The first big trip lead me and my brother to Le Mans to loose our 24 Houres virginity. Two of our friends tried to keep up in their M3 CS Competition and managed to collect five speedingtickets along the way… After a long drive because of severe bad weather (we did hit the limiter at 270 km/h several times though) and our preferred detour along the Picardy coast we finally reached le Mans at about an hour after midnight. Because I had arranged a privat campingspot at the Speedchills area with two pre-erected tents we hit our pillows imediately (well, after a couple of pints with our new english friends…).

Speedchills Le Mans 2010

Speedchills Le Mans 2010

The next day the weather was cleared up and we decided to check out the circuit. The atmosphere was great, so many petrolheads together doing crazy things with cars (like driving over the ankledeep muddy fields in Murcielago’s for example) and entering the paddock and the circuit was great.


The next day was saturday so we decided to treat ourselves on a nice set of grandstand tickets. The Speedchills organisation had a few of those tickets uncollected and after 5 minutes of negotiating and € 20,- each poorer (what a bargain!) we mist the start in 2 minutes (suckers!). In another 2 minutes the drivers past the starting line again and I was deaf for the rest of the race; those Lola’s were absolute screamers! After an hour the grandstand became a bit boring and we decided to see other parts of the circuits (glad we didn’t paid full price…). My favorite part was at the Porsche Curve after midnight. Seeing the cars approaching at very high speed out of the black woods into the lighted curve with red glowing brakes is a sight I’ll never forget.

The next day our companions wanted to hit the road early (they already have kids…) so we mist the finish but were back in Holland before dinner. In two years we will be back for Le Mans Classic, that’s for sure!

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