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More M5’s to come ! { 0 }

I never thought I would become a fan of the E39 M5 but this ‘Hammer’ is crawling upwards on my list of favorites. After I sold the last one I saw a few others for sale that triggered my M spot… First of all an early model in green / black  got my attention. It is one of the first E39 M5’s manufactured because the date of first registration is October 1998. Nevertheless this example is spotless since the two owners took exceptionally good care of their hobby car. It comes with all the extras including an electronically operated sun blind at the rear window and a glass sunroof. Needless to say the mileage is low with only 96.000 km’s. It will be on display at Autohan next week.

The second M5 I bought from a 31 year old entrepreneur in Germany. He runs the familybusiness with his brother but when his father still was in control back in 2005 he decided that his youngest son should drive a decent car. And that’s how he found himself as a kid of only 22 behind the wheel of a still very fresh M5! He actually drove the car very little and after almost 10 years of ownership he decided the M5 had got to go. With 60.000 km’s it is truly an immacalute car with all the nice features like 16:9 Navigation, DSP, glass sunroof, sun blind, two-tone leather upholstery and so on. before the sale he fitted 4 new tyres, new front brakes and had the car serviced with fresh oil and filters. Check out the website of Autohan where it will be on display also next week.

The third M5 I bought within the last couple of weeks is still one of my favorites, the E34 M5 Touring. This car is an old friend. It is the Granitsilver Touring I sold 4 years ago. Since then it has added only 40.000 very well maintained km’s to its total of now 155.000 km’s. The shadow line, dent- and scratch free exterior matches very well with the all black leather interior and the car still pulls very strong! Check out the pictures on!

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