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New project! { 3 }


Since I am the proud father of a babygirl (Lieve) priorities are changing. The Z4 M is out of the collection and I still haven’t got myself a new racer. Instead I am looking for a Touring that will fit the needs. Like integrated childseats in the back. Or a retractable bootfloor for easily packing of all the stuff you have to take with you when going on a trip (to grandparents for example). And a new or other car is not even the most expensive purchase. Our apartment in the citycenter of Haarlem is just too small for a couple with a kid so we’re looking for a real, grownup people house now. My girlfriend only has got two requirement; enough rooms for us, Lieve and family that wants to stay for the night, and a garden. ofcourse I will ad one requirement to that; a garage! A garage that is big enough for at least two cars, my ’82 Renault 5 Alpine Turbo Coupe in Calberson style (completely restored) and an Alpina or BMW. On the driveway (what’s a garage without a driveway?) my girlfriends car, my dailydriver and the aforementioned Touring will have to find a parking spot of their own. The fact that we are tenants (ofcourse, untill 3 months ago we were happy dinky’s) and therfor very flexibel makes it in these times easier to find and negotiate about a nice house that fits our requirements. In two days we will have our second viewing of two nice houses that are on our shortlist. So, if everything goes as planned I can make carplans before the summer starts and park my new racer next to the R5 in my own garage!

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