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Nürburgring with the M5 { 3 }

Last weekend I went to the Eifel in Germany with a friend. We planned to go hiking in the beautiful scenery and we drove off friday evening. Since we went with the M5 (helloooo, the Nordschleife is in the Eifel!) the trip to the Hotel in Blankenheim only took us 3 hours, a combined fill ‘r up and sanitary stop included.

We woke up heavyheaded ’cause of the German beers but eventually found ourselves walking in the dark Eifel woods. A Wiener Schnitzel, a couple of beers, 20 km’s and 6 hours later we ended up in the local Chinese Restaurant.

The next day was Nürburgring-day, or ‘die grune Hölle’ as the Germans call it. After a heavy breakfast and a scenic ride we arrived at the entrance of what must be the craziest Racing circus in the world. For only 1 euro per km you can kill yourself in any of the 176 blind corners! First things first, so we popped the hood and checked the oil and other fluids. Then the tyres and brakes and then at last the ticketbox. Gentleman start your engines, through the gates of hell and off we went! Only about 9 minutes later (yes, I know…) we made it out alive! I think I drove like a girl but it was my first time, it was slightly wet, cold, pimped Civics and Corsa’s were passing me by both sides and I definately wouldn’t want to crash the M5 (that is externally AND internally).

On our way home we discussed our round at the Ring and what kind of ‘daily’ car is best suited. My M5 is not the one, that’s for sure. Cruising the German Autobahns is what he does best (easily pulls to 250 km/h on the Nav) but in tight corners he has to admit he’s fat. We decided that the E46 M3 comes close to the perfect allround ‘supersaloon’ and therefore I will pick up my search for a manual, low mileage, blue M3!

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