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One year of professional Supersalooning { 0 }

It’s been a while since I posted but that is not because nothing has been going on. Instead I have been very busy with my company RAP Media Narrowcasting which is quite successful in offering full-service narrowcasting to customers in petrol and automotive branches.

Although I have been busy with RAP a lot of M-cars, S-models and other Supersaloons have changed hands in the last year due to Supersaloons. It must have been over 40 at least (already 9 fine examples of the E 39 M5…) and a few pretty exciting cars were amongst them. The one that really stood out was an immaculate first owner ’06 E63 AMG T in black on black and a mileage of only 60.000 km’s. Driving such a beast back home from the deep south of Germany was a true fest. It was fast, of course, but the right paddle was more a volume controller then an accelerator! What a sound! After cleaning it up it was sold in less then 2 weeks which wasn’t a surprise taking the condition and rarity of this car in mind.

Other highlights were the return of two previous Supersaloons: the ’97 42.000 km E36 M3 Coupe in silver and the ’93 116.000 km E34 M5T in granitsilver. Both owners offered the car to me since they wanted something else and trusted me to give their cars a new good home. Also not surprising that both cars found a new home within days.

This year also started rather nice with the purchase of a truly exceptional car. I found an ’95 E34 M5T Elekta with 125.000 km’s in the north of Italy. Since BMW Italy ordered only 10 examples in green on hazelnut and 10 in silver on marine blue back in 1995 finding such a rare car is great of course. But when it comes from its second owner, is fully documented, is totally original in its first paint and has driven only 125.000 km’s in its 20 year old life then it is worth a jump of joy! Unbelievable quality which found a new home within days via Premiumclassics in Vught. Victor did a great job putting the dots on the i’s and making sure the car found the owner it deserves.

I am looking forward what Supersaloons will bring me this year and will post regular updates in the meantime.

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