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Roadsters and babies, bad combination… { 2 }

Wow, I finally have a (almost) new Z4 M Roadster in the beautiful combination Black / Imolared! The car is absolutely perfect, new in every way. The first owner drove only as little as 11.150 km in it in little over more than 3 years. Not very suprising since he had more than one (7) cars and a couple of nice classic Guzzi’s….

Testdriving the car was for me a really strange experience since it felt like I drove a democar from the local BMW-dealership. The suspension, tyres, brakes, clutch, everything felt so thight! The leather seats are still in a matt finish and the steeringwheel and gearknob look like they’ve┬ánever been touch before. Driving a classic styled Roadster with the famous screaming six-in-line and the softtop down gives such an adrenalin kick; accelarating out of corners and rev it ’till 7.500 rpm deaffens not only the ears but also the mind…

Allright, it has little use to write more about my latest project since I cannot enjoy it very long. Why’s that? That is because I have a girlfriend that surprised the hell out of me with the announcement that I am becoming a dad; very unplanned but┬ávery wanted! And since a Roadster has got only two seats and very little luggagespace it unfortunately already has got to go. I secretly hope it doesn’t sell that fast because me and my pals have planned a roadtrip to the 24h of Le Mans (me and my brother in the Z4 and the two friends in a black E46 M3 with CSL Competition Packet) and my girlfriend and I have planned a holidaytrip of three weeks through the south and west of England!

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