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The ultimate cult car – Alpina B10 Biturbo #048

The ultimate cult car – Alpina B10 Biturbo #048

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My second purchase and one of my alltime favorites, the Alpina B10 Biturbo.

I bought this B10 from its second owner in Switzerland. The car had made only 84.000 km and came with a fully stamped servicebook. It was production numer 048 out of 507 examples ever produced and came in ‘Brilliantrot’. It is a superfast car indeed! On my way from Switzerland to my home in the Netherlands I drove 295 km/h on the Oberhausen strait! Compared to the M5 3.8 it is much more quiet, the turbos damp the noise quite a bit. In that way I like the M5 engines more, they are real racing engine and scream from 4.500 rpm!B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-1B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-2B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-3B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-4B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-5B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-6B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-7B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-8B10-Biturbo-048-portfolio-9