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What now? { 2 }

Since I became the sudden owner of a perfect Alpina B10V8s Touring I wondered why I’m always attracted to Tourings. I do not (yet) have children, no dog (only a ninenteen year old cat) and my girlfriend doens’t like big cars that much. It probably has to do something with the design of Tourings in general and with the combination of the utility of a Touring versus the enormous potential  the Touring versions of the Alpina’s and M-models have. People that ar not that into cars haven’t got a clue about the performance and exclusivity and therefore driving one of those Supertourings makes you feel like you can enjoy it undercover without people thinking nasty things about you.

But, now I still haven’t got an E46 M3! And therefore I will continue my search for just that one immaculate low-mileage example with a manual 6-speed in Estorilblue! And am I willing to let the B10 go to another enthusiastic fanatic!

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